Tervei | Devlog #3

  1. 7 months ago


    2 Apr 2019 Administrator Łukasz Majewski
    Edited 7 months ago by fil47

    Tervei #3 - Some info about the game design

    Hi everyone!

    I am very happy that I can show you a new screenshot of the game project and tell you a little about the action in the game. Everyone lives underground! But why? You will get the answer to this question by playing our future game. Attacking various creatures with the sword, opening the gates full of secrets! And most importantly, improve your character ... so that it would be invincible.

    You will be able to sell and buy weapons, potions and special items ... however! We do not want to add crafting to Tervei.

    We are looking for financial support for the project so that we can be fully creative!


  2. 4 months ago

    I waiting for that! :D


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